Great Grandfather’s Hat

One day as normal as it seems it takes a turn. I walk home every day from school even if there is bad weather. Then all of a sudden I see my mom picking me up from school. I knew  that I had to go do something. But I didn’t I just went straight to home. It was weird cause there was a strange hat on the table. I had wondered If it had belonged to my grandfather. But my mom said that it was her’s from when she was little and that her grandfather had gave it to her. So it was my great grandfather’s hat. It was strange because I had never saw him wear it before, strange.


The Broken Windmill

One day while I was walking with my friend in the middle of nowhere. We, the dumb people we are got lost. Suddenly we came across a land, a land so strange you wouldn’t believe it. It winter keep that in mind. We Came across a land where it was hot very hot. It almost looked like it was a broken windmill. We didn’t dare to go any closer.  But then we saw a piece of paper. We had to see what it said. The paper said,” don’t touch me, to come close to me, I will ruin your future.” We idmetally ran away just because of it and pulled out our phones and pulled up the gps for home

The Laugh

   One day while scrolling through the internet, me and my friends, Taylor Bridet Jocelyn Mayzie, and Gerald had found this trend where it releases your inner laugh. First we did Taylor, who wheased. Next Bridget, who laughed creepy. Next Joclyn laugh very loud. Mayzie Coughed and wheased loud. Lastly Gerald, he laughed for a long time. We had thought he would stop but 1 hour later…………….. He didn’t, he just kept laughing for the rest of his life. His parents were very sad. He couldn’t play sports he couldn’t do anything. Until one day they did it again and……………….   HE STOPPED. Finally he was a normal kid after 7 months of laughing.

My Nails

I have been saving up my money to get my nails done and hete the day comes where i get them done.  I had saved up $100 to get them done how i want them. Also some for a tip. I choose my color cause i am getting a.n.c. The color i choose was a nice pretty blue with a glitter nail. They did not get the color i wanted. It looked good, but it was the wrong color! It ended up being a dark blue and a spreaded glitter. But it was at least nails. Not what I wanted.

My Birthday

For my birthday  i asked for something big and cool. So it’s the day my birthday. I see only small presents but i am trying to not act surprised. So when all the presents are gone my parents say what’s this and there it is a bigs heavy. I open it and it’s empty what a surprise. The box had a small object it was a PHONE!!!!!! I was so happy. I didn’t expect a ph0ne i was soooooooooo happy.

My DReam

One  day while i was tying my shoe i noticed that my mom had bought a new red carpet. Then i saw that nobody told me that people were putting pavement into our driveway. I thought is was a dream. But it wasn’t. I started seeing sinking coins sand a ladder. I thought to myself is this a dream. So i used the pinch thing and finally it was a dream after all.  But not the Red carpet. I asked my mom what that was for she said that she didn’t buy a red carpet. I was confused.

The Chips

I thought to myself as we read the book I really wanted some salt and vinegar chips but don’t want to spend money, so I read a recipe online for chips. I got my plane chips out of the closet and soaked them in vinegar then covered them in salt. I finally tasted them and the vinegar was too sharp. By that I mean that the vinegar was too strong. So I tried to add more salt. Doing that only made it worse. I immediately threw them out and tried again, the same thing happened. Then on the third try and many gross chips i got some good tasting chips.

My Flute

The day I got my flute i knew that i would have to not break it. But i broke that promise i made. The flute was always getting dropped until one day it was completely out of tune. I could not get any of my notes right. It was sad. I had to use a completely different flute for almost 2 months. Then i finally go t o fixed flute back!! It was challenging to keep the other  flute in shape. I really did not want to break 2 flutes.

The HashSlinging Slasher

One day while i was wearing my dress in the krusty krab i noticed the weird fringe looking paint on the wall. The all of a sudden mr.krabs was randomly cooking eggs!! I knew that there was something wrong. Then all of a sudden the lights started flickering and nobody was there. I washed my face to make sure you want what i was seeing. Then the phone had rand and nobody will be there. The the bus stopped at night and somebody in black and walked up to me and i screamed MR.KRABS. He came rushing in to see it was only somebody that wanted myself spongebob squarepants signature on his spatula. Wow what a night at the krusty krab.

The BackYard

One day I was in my bed fast asleep and I heard this noise outside so I quickly grabbed  my brother and sprinted down the steps to your side and realized that the garden gnomes that my dad had bought were gone so we begin looking and we found the and they froze right as i put the light on them. So I went back to the house and watched the rest of the night they did not move. I feel asleep and the next morning I see them in the spot that they were originally set in.  So the next night l the lights were shut off and I saw them move. They quickly looked at me and talked weirdly I acted like I was going to bed but i was not I went outside and they were gone.